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Availability of Broganhaus Apartment in Flachau, Austria

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Three simple steps to check availability, make a booking and payment
1. View the table below to check prices per week

2. Click on the link below to check availability and make a
booking : - type 31788 in the box.

Or use this link:

There is a small charge for the use of this secure service. It offers you security for your money as we do not receive the money until after the completion of your stay. All deposits are held as security for the booking.

Bookings are Saturday to Saturday. We will consider long weekends / other days if a minimum of 4 nights is booked subject to availability.


Please note that each guest will be liable to an additional local tourist tax of approximately 1 euro 20 cents per day ( i.e.8 euros 40 cents). This will be payable in advance.

This apartment is in a private house with two one bedroom apartments downstairs and another house lower down. If you need extra space in the same location you can ask us if our friends have any space or availability.

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